Sports orthoses

Sports orthoses, healthy habits and more sport require preventive medicine to avoid injuries.

This line of sports orthoses with breathable, ergonomic materials which in some cases are suitable for the practice of water sports, make sports orthopaedics an indispensable product line in our centres.

In our orthopaedic aids shops you can also find compression socks to improve blood supply to the muscular structure, tennis elbow pads, back braces which improve the position of the spine, ankle supports to avoid sprains, and a wide range of very different kneepads depending on the pathology of this joint.

In order to obtain the sports orthosis which is the most effective for you when practising your sport it is very important to have the origin of your ailment detected by a healthcare professional.

Adjustable flexion knee brace

Lumbar brace

Patellar centering knee brace

Exos splint