Custom orthopaedic footwear

Custom footwear is one of our most craftsmanlike facets. It is useful for treating severe foot deformities that require measurements and different tests carried out by our orthoprosthetic technicians until a satisfactory and functional final product for the patient is produced. Aesthetics and good taste when advising on different types of leather and the models best adapted to each anatomy of the foot make our craft shoemaking workshop one of the most important in the sector. Patients with diagnoses such as poliomyelitis, Charcot or leg length differences due to different aetiologies trust in our criteria and advice to obtain safe, efficient daily strolling with an attractive image.

We also have a wide range of standard footwear to be adapted for milder pathologies, but not those of lower incidence among our patients. Specific footwear for patients with osteoarthritis or slight or severe deformities such as hammertoes, claw toes, bunions, diabetic feet, insoles, ingrown toenails, amputated toes, clubfoot, leg length differences… all of these need special footwear which on many occasions must have insoles or elevator complements.

  • Moccasins for gentlemen.
  • Women’s footwear.
  • Sanitary footwear.
  • Shoes with thermoplastic interior.
  • Rubber footwear for children.
  • Children’s footwear.

Custom boots with interior elevation for polio foot.

Custom boot with external elevation to compensate for leg length differences

Custom boot with elevation and interior wedge for clubfoot