Mobility and walking aids

Grup Ortopèdic XXI has added new products to the mobility line and created a new technical service to adapt to changing markets.

From the active mobility of the patient with an injured spinal cord, to the seating of the geriatric patient, not to mention sporting or paediatric mobility ‒ all these require constant updating by our orthoprosthetic technicians, mechanics and electronic engineers.

Our electric chairs with new systems of control by ‘apps’, and specific adaptations for each patient, whether paediatric, adult or geriatric, make the MOBILITY line one of the most important in our company.

The wheelchair is a very broad concept that should be broken down:

  • Active chairs, mainly for patients with spinal cord injury or very young patients who require a light chair offering maximum autonomy by blocking the anatomical functions of the trunk and arms to a minimum. These chairs normally use motors to facilitate the effort of the user (Batec handbike type).
  • Passive chairs, which include chairs of a more geriatric type for people with reduced mobility, and in which comfort is preferred to lightness.
  • Folding steel or aluminium walking chairs which are relatively light and make it easy to move about. Tilting indoor chairs in which positioning with trunk supports, abductor wedges and anti-bedsore materials facilitate the lives of patients with neurological diseases and patients of advanced age, who spend many hours in a sitting position.

These different types of chairs make it vital to obtain our advice when choosing the chair and the accessories which you will need.

  • Paediatric chairs for children who need walking and/or active chairs from an early age require our imagination and knowledge so that the children feel happy in their chairs. Colours and happiness, together with functionality, are our goal.

Electric standing chairs

Swing chair with auxiliary motor


Lightweight and folding
aluminium ramps

and folding wheelchairs

Aluminium walking-stick
with soft anatomical grip
which adapts to palm of the hand

Active chairs with titanium,
aluminum and carbon chassis