The production facility

The heart of our orthopaedics. The space where we create and produce our custom-made devices for the patients.

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We have a wide catalogue of products of the best brands, in order to meet the needs of each person.

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We have created a new technical service to adapt to the development of products. We have the ideal chair for each patient’s pathology.

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Grup Ortopèdic XXI

About us

Grup ortopèdic XXI, S.L. was founded in 2001.

This will be the second stage of the company, which we have arranged so as to combine the different orthopaedics and the custom-production facility.

Grup ortopèdic XXI has its own production facility which retains the name of its founder, Francisco Bertran Herrer, and its technical orthopaedics which have been serving our patients since 1978.

Grup ortopèdic XXI would not exist without mentioning Pepa Segarra, pharmacist, orthopaedic spokesperson for more than 20 years at the Pharmaceutical College of Barcelona, and chairperson and founder of the Spanish Federation of Orthopaedic Technicians (FETOR). She began the first orthopaedics which today are part of our company, and the good work with patients which we are continuing today with the same efforts as hers. Her greatest work was teaching orthopaedics to future generations, dignifying the profession of orthopaedic technician, her commitment and a job well done.

Our roots form what we are now, and a new on-line orthopaedic aids shop is added to our six orthopaedic aids shops and production facility.


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