Electromedicine, the sector of rehabilitation doctors and physiotherapists, originally for pain therapies, has led to treatments for athletes and aestheticians. The increasing number of queries about the electromedical equipment, as well as the referral of patients by healthcare teams, result in our placing the following equipment at your disposal: TENS for pain, EMS for muscle stimulation and the preventive treatment of injuries, MAGNETOTHERAPY, for algia and inflammation in soft or skeletal parts.

You will find all of them for sale and/or rental in our centres, as well as post-surgery equipment that activates the movement of the knee joint, such as our ARTROMOT. In case of pelvic floor rehabilitation, you can find vaginal and anal probes for rehabilitation with your physiotherapist. Information about other therapies, such as diathermy, can be consulted in our orthopaedic centres.

Medestec Model MP 50

Artromot K-1

VitalStim Plus