Aids for daily living

Aids for daily living

Aids for daily life, necessary for the population with little autonomy. These aids are also required after a surgery or in acute phase to facilitate daily hygiene and housekeeping tasks. As we have a very extensive catalogue, the advice and guidance of our specialists is essential to find the most suitable solution.

These devices may be necessary especially for cleanliness, but also for mobility within the home and to minimise the architectural barriers which make mobility difficult, for example, the bathtub, a metal section of a bath screen or a slippery floor.

The orientation of our professionals according to your needs and the limitations of the room will make your hygiene habits easier and more comfortable. We have a wide range of electric beds and anti-bedsore material for patients who have to go through extended periods of recumbency, as well as mobility aids for use inside and outside their homes.

We have a wide range of utensils for performing everyday tasks such as cooking, eating and dressing… any barrier can be overcome…

• Bathing • Resting • Fastening • Patient lifts

Shower chair with U-shaped
seat for intimate, hygiene.

Cama geriátrica ajustable

Adjustable geriatric bed.
Adjustable geriatric bed. comfort
for patient and caregiver.

Incorporador de cama regulable

Adjustable bed
pole hoist.

Incorporador de espalda regulable

Adjustable backrest

Alzador para WC

WC lift,
WC lift, does not require any
kind of work.

Cono elevador de cama

Bed lift,
Bed lift for easy access.

Cinturón de sujeción con cierre magnético

Fastening belt with
magnetic closure to
prevent falls and injuries.

Bidet acoplable

Universal bidet directly
attachable to the WC.